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Nominations and Voting for Steering Committee Open Seat

  • Voted for the 1 open seat for Steering Committee open seat
  • 3 Nominees to start with one declining the nomination making it two
  • Paul L Is voted in with 23 Yes votes and 0 no votes

New Business:

Big Book Study Time Adjustment

  • Motion made: To change the time of the Big Book Study from 4pm to 5:30pm PST
  • Passes with 22 yes votes and 0 no votes

Last Shift

  • Discussion/shares from members regarding the meeting running several hours past the posted closing time of meeting.
  • Motion made: To implement a cut off/last call of hands at 2amPST with a verbal announcement to the group at approximately 1:45amPST
  • Passes with 29 yes votes and 0 no votes
  • Steve K. has added an announcement to the Host Script to be read at start of meeting by last shift hosts

New Topics for next Business Meeting

  • Request made that Venmo be made available for the 7th Tradition (dependent on new bank information)
  • Request to better define/clarify what constitutes “harassment” within the meeting
  • Request for there to be a rule that members must wear shirts/appropriate attire
  • Request for breakout rooms
  • Request to better define/clarify what a burning desire is
  • A host from the service team requesting to clarify if hosts are permitted to randomly call on members to share and/or read
  • A request made for more newcomer inclusion within the meeting


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