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Business Meeting Agenda – 12/2/2020 @ 5:30 PM PST 

  • (All orange text no longer group conscience) 
  • Blue links include sources. 
  • Our October meeting notes have been omitted, however we voted on the following items prior to the first official Grant Us The Serenity meeting:  


  1. Grant Us The Serenity” as our group name (vote held via email), 
  2. Zoom as the platform (voted on in one of a series of meetings)
  3. Setting the date for the first GUTS business meeting 12/2/2020 


Attendees:  (15) [Steve K., Amie, Taylor, Bently, Jenny, Bryson, Kristen R, Mason M, Mary M., Zach, Rafe, Kalyn, Al, Spencer, Caleb]


  1. Opening:


  1. 12 Traditions
  2. Third Step Prayer


  1. Define our Service Commitments and their Terms: approved


  1. Source


  1. Intergroup Representative  p.22
  2. Secretary (Business Meeting)  p.20
  3. Treasurer  p.21
  4. Chairperson(s) (i.e., Hosts/Co-Hosts)  p.20  
  5. Web Maintenence/Zoom  


  1. Walkthrough of our Virtual Tools (no longer accessible/replaced by website):


  1. Nominations & Elections:  To fulfill those Commitments approved


  1. Intergroup Representative:  Caleb
  2. Secretary (Business Meeting):  Al G.
  3. Co Secretary:  Taylor G. 
  4. Treasurer:  Steve K.
  5. Chairperson(s): (i.e., Hosts/Co-Hosts)    
  6. Web Maintenence/Zoom: Steve K. 




  1. Six (6) month Sobriety Requirement for each Service Commitment going forward:  Result – YES
  2. Six (6) month term for each Service Commitment Above:  Result – YES
  3. Every member elected to a service position can assign tasks and duties to others, as needed:  Result – YES (No Longer Group Conscience)
  4. Induction of All Hosts & Co-Hosts To Date as Chairpersons (with the exception of those who’ve left us recently): Result – YES
  5. Host/Co-Host sobriety requirement can be bypassed with group conscience vote (No longer practiced)
  6. 7th Tradition Transparency: Result – approved
  7. Zoom Management 
  8. Website
  9. Register GUTS with the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous OIAA – (Steve K. has the details on registry) 


  1. Host Guidelines: (added to website) – Result – approved


  1. Dealing with disruptive members:  Love and Tolerance is our code:  However we have a responsibility to keep to our Primary Purpose



  1. Redirect Share: formatted guide to be linked (singleness of purpose document) – Keep shares related to problems with alcohol or Experience/Strength/Hope.
  2. Offer a reminder to keep shares related to alcoholism: formatted guide to be linked.
  3. Offer another meeting. 
  4. Offer breakout room if member struggling (no longer group conscience)
  5. Mute Mic/Stop Video/Chat
  6. Removal if it is detracting from others recovery


  1. Hosts/Members adhere to GUTS Ethical Guidelines (outlined below)


  1. Share Guidelines: (added to website) – Result – approved (in black)


  1. Sharing Time ? – No decision reached (Not Group Conscience)
    1. 5-7 minutes?
    2. Redirection? Reminder to share the time?
  2. 24 hours of sobriety (No Longer Group Conscience – Updated to “No Drunken Shares”)
  3. Keep Shares Related to Alcoholism
  4. Adhere to Ethical Guidelines 


  1. Ethical Guidelines: (added to website) – Result – approved


  1. Violations include but are not limited to:
    1. Insults
    2. Threats
    3. Personal Attacks/Interpersonal Info in chat
    4. Harassment


  1. Violation may result in removal of up to 7 days for hosts (No longer Group Conscience – updated to three strike rule added to website)


  1. Communication During Meetings – Result Yes
    1. Reserve Chat to 12th Step Work/Primary Purpose
      1. Keep Admin chat to DM’s and/or WhatsApp


No Longer Relevant

  1. Zoom Training Hosting/Security – New GC
  2. Meeting Verification – New GC
  3. Meeting Proposals 
    1. Speaker Meetings – Announce in WhatsApp, Newsletter
    2. Step Study
    3. Sponsorship Workshop
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