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Open – Danielle
How It Works – 
The 12 Traditions – Bryan

Treasury Update – Danielle

  1. Donations are healthy – have $5814.18 after $1000 prudent reserve
  2. Majority of donations from PayPal
  3. Need Backups for Treasurer – Kristen, need one more (will call for nominations)

    Old Business – Danielle

    1. Hosting requirements passed: 60 days continuous sobriety & 30 Cohost shifts required for hosting, with the availability of a Group Conscience override
    2. Leona voted in a Scheduling Secretary
    3. Mona voted in as Training Secretary – more will be discussed later
    4. Danielle voted in as Interim Steering Committee Chair
    5. Created new service commitment – Outreach Coordinator
    6. Justin voted in as Topic Secretary

        New Business – Danielle

        1. Breakout rooms
          1. Not enough service members to do safely at this time
          2. Would like to do in future
          3. Table for now
        2. Motion: Host keep Host label through first share, and move in and out cohosts
          1. Vote taken – motion passed
        3. Motion: Service member will receive a strike if they miss 3 service commitments in 30 days (no call, no show); hosts must notify Leona with no shows
            1. Vote taken – motion passed
        4. Motion: Danielle for Steering Committee Chair
          1. Vote taken – motion passed
        5. Motion: Steering Committee nominations (Mary M, Steve K, Caleb)
            1. Votes taken – all motions passed
        6. Motion: Outreach Coordinator position nominations (Samantha, Pat B)
            1. Votes taken – all motions passed
        7. Mona is giving up Training Coordinator position – calling for nominations in Announcements thread
        8. Jeremy has left service at this time and giving up Business Meeting Secretary position – calling for nominations in Announcements thread
        9. GUTS Movie Night – would love to have this, will find out more info from other groups

                Serenity Prayer – Danielle

                ** notes taken by Leona

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