Join us – Meetings daily from 7pm-2am PT. 

The Steering Committee exists to set the agenda for business meetings. They hold an open meeting every last Sunday of every month at 11am PST. They discuss topics and vote on them to create an agenda for the business meeting the following week.

We hold business meetings on every first Sunday of every month at 11am PST.

Please remember that the members of the AA GUTS steering committee and service team respect and aim to uphold the traditions and principles of AA. They do not govern and are directly responsible to the members of the group.

The purpose of this form is to bring topics for discussion to the steering committee and the details of each form entry will be shared with the entire committee.  The steering committee will do its best to respond to entries in a timely manner and will share details of entries as long as they follow the traditions and principles of AA.

First name and last initial preferred or however you identify yourself inside of the meeting
(if you would like us to contact you for follow-up)
Select all that apply
Please respect the traditions and principles of AA by respecting anonymity and group conscience.